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Bangkok’s Most Instagram Worthy Sites – A Collection of Story-Telling Photos

A Collection of Story-Telling Photos


Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is a vibrant city, constantly lit up by the merry souls that roam around and liven up the air. While adventure and shopping are at the top of your checklist, snapping some Instagram-worthy clicks will capture the city’s heart and soul in its purest form.

The_Grand_Palace | Img by Kevin Poh via wikipedia commons (CC BY 2.0)

A Place of Worship

Why not begin your album’s first pictures with a click at a place of worship? Step out of your hotel in Bangkok, Sukhumvit and hop on a ride to reach Wat Arun, a renowned Buddhist Temple in the city on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Originally built in the Ayutthaya Period, the temple is adorned with bits of porcelain and is identified as one of the most astounding visual identities of Bangkok.

The Grand Palace

Located a mere 25 minutes away from Emporium Suites by Chatrium, The Grand Palace has been the official residence of Siam’s ruler, and later Thailand’s, since the year 1782. This complex of buildings is often brimming with tourists clicking pictures and posing beside the centuries-old structures of great historical significance.

A Recreational Space

The rare open public space of Bangkok, Lumphini Park has been identified as the first public park in the city. This multipurpose space is made for all and will be constantly occupied by joggers, older folk and others who seek some fresh air out in the open. While the park is blessed with a wide range of fauna and flora, it is also popular for the many leisure activities that can be freely enjoyed in an outdoor space.

A Graveyard for Retired Flights

This Instagram-worthy site is one of Bangkok’s most underrated tourist attractions. The Airplane Graveyard, a wasteland containing decaying jets and parts is located on Ramkamhang Road. While the space is ideal to explore and appreciate these manmade marvels, do be mindful of the occupants who have made the area a place to live.