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The Vibrant Culture of Bangkok

The apple of Thailand's eye

Buddha Thai Culture Bangkok Thailand Temple
Buddha Thai Culture Bangkok Thailand Temple

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Bangkok is a brightly lit city that still holds onto its traditions and cultures no matter how fast its cityscape grows.


The city
Luxury hotels in Bangkok are scattered about the city, and the temples in Bangkok still amount to higher numbers. Wherever you are in Bangkok, be it near a city centre or a hotel like Chatrium Hotels & Residences, there will be a cultural heritage site within travelling distance.


Every street or square you go to in Bangkok, the culture is evident in the many Buddhist temples you see. If there isn’t a temple, there would still be art that represents the history and roots of Bangkok.



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The festivals in Thailand happen throughout the year, and of them all, the annual religious festivals are the most popular, with people from all over the country coming in to be a part of.


When to go
If you want to be a part of the Songkran festival, April is the time to go. Loi Krathong happens in November, which is closely followed by Golden Mount Fair. Bangkok celebrates New Year in style too and the birth dates of the royal family members are national holidays.








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