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Best Places for Sunset and Sunrise in Bangkok

The Best Spots in Town for the Sun

No matter where you travel to, a beautiful sunset or sunrise is easy to admire. As the sun’s rays peak over the horizon, you can begin to appreciate the natural beauty of the world and its works, as the signal to a new day dawns. In the same way, the sunset signals the opposite, the closing of the day and a time for rest or relaxation. Night creeps in, and we wait for the rise once more. This is true even for a city like Bangkok, where the city is also alive at night.


Chao_Phraya_-_Wat_Arun | img by Éclusette via wikipedia commons

The Chao Praya River and Wat Arun

There are quite a few temples in Thailand, and in Bangkok, but few are as iconic or well-known as the Wat Arun temple. Luckily, there are few properties in the realm of Bangkok riverside accommodation, and some even offer an excursion along the river itself. There, you’ll see the landmark on the west bank of the river, where the sunset reveals the lights illuminating the temple at nightfall.

The “Golden Mount”

Another of the Thai temples is the Wak Saket temple, also known as the “Golden Mount”. On its terrace lies a staggering panoramic view of Bangkok’s skyline, a sight sure to leave you speechless. Some say that the ascent is worth it for the sounds and winds along the way, of bells and the many small details that make the place worth visiting.

The Bang Khu Wiang Market

Famous amongst the many markets of Bangkok, the floating market of Bang Khu Wiang is a must-visit. Luckily, it’s not too far from most luxury properties. Those like the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok are relatively close by, and you can treat yourself to some great food along with the great sunrises and sunsets that are visible in this area.

Lumpini Park

Under such names as the “Central Park of Bangkok” and the Birthplace of the Buddha, this park is a lush sight of greenery and flowers. The city folk use it for relaxation or exercise, and it provides a refreshing atmosphere to the area, ideal for sightseeing or a simple stroll.