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Why People Call Bangkok the City of Angels!

Learn about Thai naming culture and why Bangkok is known to the locals as the City of Angels.

Krung Thep

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok enjoys being called many things and by many names. It is something that makes the people of Bangkok very proud of and it is evident if you ask the front office staff at your Sathorn hotel in Bangkok.
The original Thai name, among these names, is Krung Thep.

Preecha.MJ0008871 – Krung Thep Bridge 001CC BY-SA 4.0

A Very Long Name

Krung Thep is the shortened form of a long and official name that translates to the following: “The great city of angels, it’s where the immortal divinity dwells, the invincible city, the royal capital endowed with nine precious jewels and full of joy…” City of Angels for short.

Ancient History

The history of this name can be traced back to King Taksin who formed the new capital of Siam in Bangkok after the previous one was destroyed by invading Burmese armies. The new capital was built on the west banks of the Chao Phraya river.

NipskungStatue of King TaksinCC BY-SA 3.0

What Does Bangkok Mean?

Today Bangkok is home to the modern and the luxurious like hotels such as Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel and the origins of the name Bangkok rests in obscurity.

Image Credit: Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel