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Explore the Riverside Villages in Thailand

Embrace the Local Culture!


Thailand’s beauty is incomparable, and its culture and local life are even more so. The island is fortunate to be blessed with many rivers as well as the beach around. Discover some riverside villages you can visit for an exciting day.

Srinakarin lake in Kanchanaburi
Srinakarin lake in Kanchanaburi | img by Uwe Schwarzbach via flickr


Don’t miss out on adventures amidst the lush green forests of Kanchanaburi during your relaxing stay at a service apartment in Bangkok like the modern Maitria Rama 9 Residence. Head to this stunning city – just 2 hours from Bangkok, where you can see a stunning bridge over River Kwai, along with many mesmerising waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails.

 Nan Town

The Nan town is a hidden gem inside Northern Rivers Valley, a magical destination filled with beauty and prosperity. Nan is home to some historic attractions from the days of the Lanna Kingdom, including the magnificent King of Nan’s Teak House.

 Nong Khai

Located next to the scenic Mekong River, this is another quaint town in Northeast Thailand with many attractions including Sala Keoku park, The Friendship Bridge, The Sadet Market, and the remains of Sunken Chedi submerged in the river, only visible during the dry season. The breathtaking views and the soothing breeze will take all your worries away!

 Park Nam Pho

Find the small Pak Nam Pho town sitting where Nan River and Ping River cross paths and create the iconic Chao Phraya River. Taking a boat ride along the river will let you experience the most stunning views of the area. You can also explore the temples and shrines for a zen-like relaxation .