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Exploring Sukhumvit

A Paradise for all Shopaholics and Foodies!

Emporium shopping mall

With an array of dining and shopping hotspots, Sukhumvit is an idyllic destination to shop till you drop or to eat to your heart’s content. With shimmering lights and vivacious stalls by the side of the road, your night will simply not end in this beautiful city. Read on to find out what this stunning city has in store for you.

Terminal_21 | img by Wpcpey via wikipedia commons

Take a tour around the world at Terminal 21

Drawing inspiration from the outlook of an airport, Terminal 21 is a one-of-a-kind mall in Sukhumvit that shelters a plethora of shops, restaurants and entertainment arenas in a global backdrop. Interestingly, the place is packed with replicas of the Eiffel tower, Golden Gate Bridge and many more that make you feel like you are touring around the world passing Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and other major cities around the globe.

Shop to your heart’s content at Emporium Mall

Emporium is a high-end shopping mall that hosts an array of designer wear, clothes and accessories. This 6-storey shopping centre also shelters a sophisticated cinema, a modern exhibition space not to mention an enormous supermarket and a food court. Whilst most items on display tend to be pricy you can also find several shops on the upper floors of the mall selling local brands. This iconic shopping complex is also conveniently nestled above the elegant Emporium suites by Chatrium, an amazing 5-star Bangkok hotel, so those staying at this charming hotel can join in for a never-ending shopping spree.

Reward yourself with a tailored outfit

One of the perks of buying an outfit from Sukhumvit is that you have the opportunity of getting your dream outfit custom-made. In fact, Sukhumvit boasts ample dexterous tailors that can help you feel comfortable and confident in your garments. That being said, be cautious of scams and always remember that a genuine tailor would take almost a week to have your outfit tailor-made to fit your size.

Nibble on your favourite delicacies

Sukhumvit is a hotspot for foodies around the world. Whether you are craving traditional Thai food, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Mexican or Italian, these streets are a melting pot to try some of your favourite dishes. If you are bored of eating at restaurants and want to spice up your culinary journey, you can sink your teeth into some mouth-watering street food by a roadside stall.