Things you must experience in Sukhumvit – Must-dos for your itinerary

Drop by at Sukhumvit for an adventurous time. This exclusive part of Bangkok has a number of experiences waiting to appeal to you. Here are a few top things for you to do!

Terminal 21

One of Bangkok’s coolest malls, there are numerous interesting shops, restaurants, leisure options and so much more in a setting that is truly global. Each level of this mall represents a different international destination, and it is styled after an airport. Less than 30 minutes from Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel, this spot is not hard to reach!

Wpcpey, Terminal 21 Atrium 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

The markets

Not too far from many a Sukhumvit hotel, the markets that Thailand is famous for is a must to visit. Make your way past the street vendors from Soi 1 to Soi 20. You’ll find that the prices here are generally cheaper than usual when compared to other famous markets in the city.

Spa treatments

Home to a plethora of luxury spa treatments, you’re given the chance to unwind and relax. Make sure you try at least a reflexology foot massage.

Image by Jürgen Rübig from Pixabay

Feast away

With a number of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, you’ll be able to satisfy all your cravings. You can go on an extremely fun food adventure when you’re there.


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Things to Do in Bangkok With Kids – Fun and Entertainment for the Family

Bangkok is many things but what about a travel destination for your family holiday? Why not? Bangkok offers just as much for kids when it comes to having some fun. Here are a few things to do when in Bangkok with kids.

Thai cooking classes

Did your kids taste some amazing Thai cuisine and love it? Well, its time they learnt to make a few dishes themselves. There are many cooking classes they can take in most places in the city. This may also be a good way to introduce the local culture to your kids.

Siam Ocean World

This is the largest aquarium in the whole of Southeast Asia, and which kid doesn’t love a fishy adventure? Head over to the Siam Paragon Mall, below the food court and embark on an adventure where the little ones will discover a colourful underwater world of fish and coral.

Museum of Siam

Recently renovated, the museum is sheltered in a palace. Learn more about Thai history together with your kids as you check out the exhibits. This place of interest is just a few minutes’ drive away from Chao Phraya River hotels the likes of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok.

Park time

Lumpini Park in Bangkok is perfect for a relaxed walk with your family and even a bit of boating! The kids will be thrilled to play at the big playground here. Don’t forget spotting the monitor lizards passing by.

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Bangkok’s Grand Palace – The pride of the Bangkok

The rich piece of brilliance that stands at the heart of the city of Bangkok was once the dwelling of kings for 150 years. The Grand Palace is a place that you must visit when in Thailand and here’s why.

Grand Palace Bangkok| Img by: sasint via pixabay| CC0

The palace compound

The Central Court was the king’s residence. It entails halls to hold state business. The king’s royal consorts and daughter lived in the Inner Court, this was like a miniature village with women and children. The area is still closed off to the public. The monument is located a short drive away from Emporium Suites by Chatrium and many a 5-star Bangkok hotel.

Wat Phra Kaew

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha lies deep within the palace. Held in the temple is an emerald statue of Buddha that is greatly adored by Buddhists in Thailand. The ceremonial robes on the Buddha are changed by the king according to the seasons.

Royal reception halls

The reception hall known as the Chakri Maha Prasat is used for occasions like coronations today. This hall holds the antique throne in addition to the throne that is used currently. Next is the Dusit Hall which is unrivalled in architecture and acts as a museum too.

Things to remember

The Grand Palace in which the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is built is considered a sacred place by the locals. Therefore, is essential that you dress appropriately, there is a booth at the entrance that will provide clothing if necessary.

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