Having Fun at the Best Water Parks in Bangkok – Water-filled Thrills Galore

If you’re looking for a fun way to beat the heat in the Thai capital as well as enjoy some memorable family adventures, then these water parks are for you!

Siam Park City

Billed as the largest water park in the city, this family favourite features several special themed zones and is worth visiting be it on a short or long stay in Bangkok. The Super Spiral, Speed Slider, Wave Pool and Si-Am Lagoon are amongst the highlights here, while there’s also an Adventure Park with even more exciting rides.

Pororo Aquapark

Located on the sixth floor of the CentralPlaza Bangna mall, this rooftop aquapark has nine pool zones for visitors to enjoy. The site is about 19 minutes from The Park at EM Districtand amongst its top attractions are a tubular waterslide known as Pororo’s Funnel, Pororo’s River ride and Tong Tong’s Magic Slide.

Fantasia Lagoon

There are actually two Fantasia Lagoon water parks in Bangkok, located on the rooftops of The Mall Bangkapi and The Mall Bangkae. Those who visit the latter will find the Slider Tower, Mystery Island and a relaxing Lazy River ride amongst other ‘watery’ allures.

Dream World

Located a little outside the city, this popular attraction is quintessentially a theme park though it offers water-based fun too; the Tunnel Fountain and Slider are among the rides in the water play area. For more action-packed fun, rides such as Super Splash the Grand Canyon are worth trying too.

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World’s Greatest City Bangkok – An experience of epic proportions

Filled with many places to visit, numerous tales to learn the rich culture and history, Bangkok is the ‘heart and soul of the backpacker’s universe’. Do read to know more facts!

Bangkok Thailand | Img by: AdenArdenrich via pixabay

Street food

In almost every nook and cranny of the city, one can witness how masterful chefs sell flavourful Thai food. While savouring mouthwatering dishes, you’ll be able to interact and mingle with the locals. A good way to begin scouring the city for the very best of its delicacies will be to first visit Chinatown which is known as the birthplace of Thailand’s street food.

The Grand Palace

Bangkok showcases many culture-rich attractions that tell its own story to those who thirst for historical facts. Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace will be a great place to start your journey. Even though the palace was a former residence for King Rama V, now it’s used for hosting royal ceremonies.

Terminal 21

Would you like to buy bundles of things that you’ve always dreamt of having? From branded clothes to cheap accessories, Terminal 21 is sure to provide you with an ultimate shopping experience. Catering to both men and women, this is the ideal place to shop your favourite designer brands and what not. You’ll come across a plethora of accommodation close to this shopping mall like Chatrium Hotels & Residences which also offers attractive Bangkok hotel deals.

Chao Phraya River

Sailing along the Chao Phraya River is not merely sightseeing and taking pictures, you will have plenty of things to do in this part of Bangkok. The Asiatique is one such place to be if you’re in the mood for touring the city at night.


The Vibrant Culture of Bangkok – The apple of Thailand’s eye

Buddha Thai Culture Bangkok Thailand Temple

Buddha Thai Culture Bangkok Thailand Temple 

| Img Credit : MaxPixel (CC0 Public Domain)



Bangkok is a brightly lit city that still holds onto its traditions and cultures no matter how fast its cityscape grows.


The city
Luxury hotels in Bangkok are scattered about the city, and the temples in Bangkok still amount to higher numbers. Wherever you are in Bangkok, be it near a city centre or a hotel like Chatrium Hotels & Residences, there will be a cultural heritage site within travelling distance.


Every street or square you go to in Bangkok, the culture is evident in the many Buddhist temples you see. If there isn’t a temple, there would still be art that represents the history and roots of Bangkok.


The festivals in Thailand happen throughout the year, and of them all, the annual religious festivals are the most popular, with people from all over the country coming in to be a part of.


When to go
If you want to be a part of the Songkran festival, April is the time to go. Loi Krathong happens in November, which is closely followed by Golden Mount Fair. Bangkok celebrates New Year in style too and the birth dates of the royal family members are national holidays.








Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+