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5 Top Places to Visit Pattaya at Night

Where lights dance and adventures ignite

As the sun sets over Pattaya, the city dons a new robe of enchantment, inviting explorers to delve into its after-hours wonders. From lively bazaars to mind-bending art, floating markets, and rocking cafes, Pattaya comes alive at night. Join us on a journey through the top five places to visit after dark, where the city’s vibrant energy takes center stage.

FritzDaCat, Pattaya beach on a sunny day in june 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

1. Pattaya Night Bazaar 

Dive into the heart of Central Festival Pattaya Beach, where the Pattaya Night Bazaar unveils its treasures. With over 250 shops, it’s a shopaholic’s haven offering hats, beachwear, handmade fabrics, and unique accessories. Immerse yourself in the Thai local charm and shop for budget-friendly souvenirs at Pattaya Night Bazaar, just a quick walk from an apartment hotel like Somerset Pattaya.

2. Art in Paradise Pattaya

Step into a world where art comes alive at Art in Paradise Pattaya. Spanning 5800 square meters, this amusing gallery showcases 3D illusions that captivate both kids and adults. Your nighttime becomes a canvas of imagination as you touch the pictures, creating memorable poses in this fusion of tradition and modernity.

3. Pattaya Park Night Market

Located near Marina Golden Bay, Pattaya Park Night Market is home to a host of shops selling fresh fruits, local Thai food, souvenirs, handicrafts, and more. Bargain enthusiasts can expect to snag fantastic deals. Also known as the Russian Night Market for featuring an extensive array of Russian delicacies, it’s the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.

4. Hard Rock Cafe

For the party enthusiasts, Hard Rock Cafe beckons with an American vibe and pulsating atmosphere. Groove to DJ tunes, savour American classics, and revel in the entertainment. The night unfolds with endless possibilities at this iconic venue.

5. Pattaya Beach

Complete your nighttime adventure at Pattaya Beach, a breathtaking haven offering long walks, water sports, and a vibrant party scene. From shopping to dining and partying, the stretch between Pattaya Tai and Pattaya Nua lights up with energy, creating an unforgettable nightlife experience. Travellers staying at a Pattaya Beach road hotel can easily access the beach.