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A Breezy Ride

The Glowing Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok

The city of vibrant street life, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, ideal for short vacations of excitement, adventure, culture and interesting transportation options. Bangkok’s tuk-tuk rides are a crowd favourite and are often experienced at least once by a tourist during their stay. Here are some must-know factors before getting into a fun ride in a tuk-tuk.

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The History

How did tuk-tuks become a transportation option near a hotel in Riverside Bangkok? Long before luxury accommodations like Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel were established in Bangkok, tuk-tuks made their debut in the country in the early 20th century. These were then known as Sam lor in Thai, which translates into three wheels and were pedal-powered, until the arrival of rickshaws from Japan in the 1960s that have evolved into what we call tuk-tuks at present.

The Present Tuk-Tuk Tradition

While tuk-tuks can be discovered all over Thailand, the regional factors tend to vary. The usual rides that operate in Phuket and Koh Pha Ngan are the big songtaew truckers while in Ayutthaya and Trang operates the green frog-faced kind. Apart from those are the stripped-back cycle cabs in Kanchanaburi but beating all of them are Bangkok’s decorated tuk-tuks glowing in neon lights.

Think Wisely

The first tip to safe tuk-tuk rides is to think like a mechanic. The first look at your potential mode of transportation says a lot. If the tuk-tuk seems like it may fall apart at any given time, it is best to politely refuse the ride and move on to another. Also, do take a closer look at your driver to determine if he is likely to take advantage of your kindness, which is a quality that comes to the surface in the process of negotiation.

Know Your Route

Tuk-tuk drivers have been in the business for long enough to know their way around to increase the final fare. Therefore, riders are advised to always check the route that they wish to take and be specific on the final destination so that a final fare can be negotiated at the start while avoiding unnecessary stops suggested by the drivers.