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Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Everything You Need to Know About Bangkok's Wat Pho

wat pho temple

Tipped to be one of the Bangkok riverside’s top attractions, a visit to the Wat Pho Temple is a must. Here’s what visitors can expect to see inside this iconic spiritual point of interest.

At a Glance

Occupying pride of place in the Phra Nakhon District along the Bangkok riverside, Wat Pho is a massive complex and the largest religious monument in the Thai capital. Located within close range of the Grand Palace, the venue, which is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is also one of the oldest in the city. Although its date of construction is unknown, it is credited to the era of King Phetracha who reigned from 1688–1703.

A Royal Temple of Record

wat pho temple
wat pho temple | Img by gerbilfarmer via pixabay

As one of the first of six temples in Bangkok, which are classed as royal temples, Wat Pho is closely connected to King Rama I who reconstructed the temple during his reign and whose remains are enshrined there. Wat Pho is also home to the biggest collection of Buddha sculptures in the country and the stunning 46-metre-long reclining Buddha.

What to Expect

Home to four large chedis, Wat Pho also contains ninety-one smaller chedis as well as 2 belfries. A central shrine and a number of halls are also part of the landscape. Picturesque pavilions and extensive gardens are also found here alongside massive Chinese statues.

The Bowls

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