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Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok

Tips on Travelling via Tuk-Tuks During a Trip to Bangkok

Tuktuk on the streets

Tipped to be one of the most efficient ways to travel around Bangkok, hopping on a tuk-tuk is a rite of passage for first-time visitors. Here are some tips on how to enjoy tuk-tuks in the city.

When to Use Tuk-Tuks

Tuk Tuks in Bangkok
Tuk Tuks in Bangkok | Img by Ian Gratton via wikimedia commons

It is important to keep in mind that tuk-tuks or three-wheelers should only be used for short trips in Bangkok as they can be too costly for longer journeys when compared to the BTS Skytrain and the subway in general. Tuk-tuks are ideal for hopping on and off within the CBD or between sightseeing hubs but not for travelling to far-flung corners of Bangkok.

The Cost of the Ride
Travellers should also keep in mind that tuk-tuks in Bangkok are not all metered, and in fact, most are not. This means the fare of the ride is decided by the driver and tourists are often taken advantage of due to their lack of understanding of short-cuts and the layout of the city. Drivers are known to overcharge tourists; therefore, it is important to have some understanding of how near or far your destination is.

Haggling Skills
Do not be afraid to haggle down the price of the fare if you feel it is unfair as drivers will concede to a lower fare if one makes a compelling argument. Never accept the first fare that the drivers quote as “the price” of the ride and try to reduce the fare by saying it’s too much.

Avoid Rush Hour
Whether one is based at the Chatrium Residence Sathorn Bangkok or any other hotel in Bangkok Sathorn, it is crucial to avoid hailing tuk-tuks during rush hour as you could be stuck for hours in traffic jams.