Asiatique The Riverfront

Bangkok’s Fascinating Night Market

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Asiatique the Riverfront is one of the most popular spots in bustling Bangkok. A Night Market which opened in May 2012 it goes beyond the typical night market as it is a combination of Bangkok’s most popular shopping experiences – a night market and shopping mall.

The Asiatique is tied up with Bangkok’s history as a riverside trading post during the late 19 century and early 20 century. At this pier, there had been a flourishing trade in teak and the main shopping area is located in the old warehouses of the East Asiatic Company.

The Asiatique is housed in a huge replica warehouse complex and has 1,500 boutiques and around 40 restaurants. This perhaps is the only place in Bangkok where a stall can be found with the aid of a map.

The Asiatique Riverfront is divided into four districts.

The Factory District houses many small shops located in warehouses. Fashionable clothing , souvenirs handicrafts and home furnishings can be found among other things. Here the focus is on cutting edge fashion and gadgets. An Apple Store is also found here. The merchandise available here provides good value for money but they are not cheap like the bargains found in other Bangkok night markets.

As you reach the Asiatique via water the first area you will see is the Waterfront District with many eateries and event venues on a 300meter boardwalk. The upscale dining available here has Italian, Thai , Japaneses and seafood restaurants among others. Champion Kebab is a Turkish Restaurant and Baan Kanitha is an upscale Thai food restaurant which has customized the fare to international tastes.

The Down Square District is a blend of Thai and Western influences. Included in this district are a large sports bar, international food and a small events area.

The Chareonkrung District boasts of over 1,000 retail shops selling a variety of items including souvenirs, jewellery and clothing.

Entertainment is varied. The Joe Louis Puppet Theatre is a traditional Thai puppet performance with modern choreography. The Calypso Bangkok Theatre has 50 people at a show.

The Asiatique can be easily reached by boat and it is open from 5pm to midnight. A visit here will be very rewarding.


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