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Lumpini Park in Bangkok

A Getaway within the City

One of the most exclusive districts of Bangkok is Sathorn which is the home to several hotels and residences, such as the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel, a popular luxury hotel Sathorn has to offer, the district of Sathorn is a vibrant district that offers its visitors a variety of things to do and see. With an ever increasing community of expatriates, resulting in the growth of its hospitality and recreational options, Sathorn is evolving into one of the most popular and trendy locations in Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the Southeast Asian region. The constant hustle and bustle of the city can, at times, leave you wanting some peace and tranquility. One of the best places to go to escape the busy streets of Bangkok is Lumphini Park. The sprawling Lumphini Park is the green-lung of Bangkok and has served as a quiet getaway within the city. With its beautiful landscapes, wide open spaces, and interesting attractions, Lumphini Park is the best place to visit to enjoy some quiet time and connect with nature.

Established somewhere in the 1920’s, Lumphini Park is named after the park which was the site of Lord Buddha’s birth in India. The park is ideal for jogging, cycling and exercising, as the open spaces provide plenty of space for physical activities. In fact the park is the site of many aerobics and cardio training programs. There is also a basket ball court if you feel like shooting some hoops, and the artificial lake is perfect for boating. The beauty of the park is, however, that it is so vast and separated that regardless of all the activity going on about, you will still be able to find a place for quiet contemplation or for just absorbing the beauty of the luscious nature in the park. You might also encounter some local jazz or alternative bands playing giving a small life performance, and during the weekends the park hosts the Weekend Food Market. All in all you can be assured that a visit to Lumphini Park will not disappoint.

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