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Bangkok’s Green Wonderland

Rama IX Park


The Botanical Garden of Rama IX Park is the largest green space in all of Bangkok, lavishly decorated in greenery and a large lake. The park was established in 1987 in celebration of the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol. Visitors are allowed to walk in free to take a stroll or visit the globally inspired gardens, offering a rejuvenating experience amidst the goodness of nature.

How to Get to the Park


Rama_IX_Park | img via wikipedia commons

Located less than half an hour away from Maitria Hotel Rama 9, the simplest mode of transportation to reach the park is by taxi. A 30-minute ride is all it takes from central Bangkok and many Bangkok hotels with a pool. At the height of traffic congestion, you can simply hail a taxi after hopping onto a BTS Skytrain to Udom Suk. The best time of the year to visit the park is in December when the garden blooms in vibrant flora as the annual flower festival takes place.

The Highlights

This large land that is equivalent to 80 football fields houses many different sections that can be explored on foot where the centrepiece of Rama IX Park lies by the lake. Inside the park, you will come across a gallery that hosts the historical projects of royalty, offering information, paintings and photos celebrating the life of the King.

Country Representation

Rama IX Park has dedicated pavilions for various countries around the globe. The Chinese garden’s lily pond encircled by a wall, the futuristic dome at the American garden, the ornate fountains at the Italian garden, the Thai plants, along with England and Japanese gardens are among the country representations at the park.

A Much-Needed Break

The park is not only a sightseeing opportunity but also a hub of recreation. The tai chi and aerobics classes are open to the public early in the morning, while the outdoor gym is available for both kids and adults to exercise in. If you fancy a laid-back experience, hop onto the shuttle that takes you through the park.