The Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre in Thailand -Siam History

Thailand is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the East, there are various types of tourists who make their way to the island for varying reasons. Even though many young travellers descend on the island for pure fun there are a handful of people who make their way here to learn about the rich culture and heritage of the country. If you want to break away from the modern bus tours that most major cities offer, a great way to learn about the Thai way of life and explore the localities is to embark on a Chao Phraya Cruise. Among the many cruises on offer, one that has managed to live up to its reputation is Anantara Cruises. Set sail on centuries old rice barges to explore the banks of the river of the Kings. The tours are three days long and let the guest explore the Ayutthaya golden temple as well as the Ang Thong Mystic River Tour.

The Ayutthaya Historical study centre is located in Pratu Chai. The centre was opened to mark the friendship between Japan and Thailand. The centre is funded by the Japanese government and conducts research on the history of Ayutthaya which was the capital of Siam for almost two centuries. There is an exhibition hall within the premises which portrays the history of the city, however, there’s no library with books or other literature to find historical facts about the city. The displays are well maintained and show the development of the city in stages. If you have limited time in Ayutthaya to stroll around and explore a great way to gather and learn the most about the city would be to spend time in the centre. The centre opens daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

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