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Discovering Authentic Culinary Experiences in Bangkok- A Guide to a Foodie’s Heart

Read this simple guide on Bangkok food and culture to discover authentic cuisine varieties and street food experiences that await you in the buzzing city.

It is no secret that the bustling streets of Bangkok are a hotspot for authentic Thai cuisine. Whether it’s the presentation, the succulent flavours or the variety of culinary options, in Bangkok, food lovers will never be disappointed. Read on to find out about all the gourmet experiences that await you in this buzzing city.

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Thai Food and Culture

Thai food plays a pivotal role in the country’s culture. In fact, there is a host of dining norms that help shape Thai culture. For an instance, the general rule in the culture is to order the same number of dishes as the number of people present. Added to this, the presentation of food is key in Thai culture with most platters being seen decorated and carved from flowers and fruits.


Local Eating Habits

Dining in Thailand usually involves a large spoon and a fork. Whilst the spoon is commonly held in the right hand, it is also used as a substitute for the knife. The eating habit of the locals is also such that only one dish is tasted at a time with most dishes being accompanied by a bowl of rice.


Street Food Experience

Whether you are a local, a tourist making your maiden trip or a business traveller, visiting Bangkok for work, no trip to the city is complete without signing up for a little street food excursion. Famed for its ample street food stalls serving scrumptious Pad Thai, Som Tam, Guay Tiew and many others, for those staying at a Bangkok hotel in Sukhumvit road the likes of stylish Gardina Asoke Hotel & Residence, these bustling street food stalls are only a stone’s throw away.



Authentic Cuisine Varieties

With a host of diverse dishes, the authentic local food of Bangkok speaks right to the foodie’s heart. As you find your way through these mouthwatering delicacies, you will notice how they have been influenced by regions around the world. Teeming with a variety of noodle soup dishes, rice bowls, desserts and snacks, one short trip will simply not be adequate for you to get a well-rounded culinary experience in Bangkok.