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A Handy Bangkok BTS Skytrain Guide

Easily traverse the Thai capital with this Bangkok BTS Skytrain guide with insights into its two main lines, how to buy tickets and using the Rabbit card.

Bangkok, Thailand

Amongst the fastest and most efficient transport options in Bangkok, the BTS or Skytrain offers links to key areas in the city and here’s a quick overview that will be helpful for travellers.

Bts Skytrain in Bangkok Thailand in the evening.
Bts Skytrain in Bangkok Thailand in the evening | Image by tnkn 29 via Unsplash

What Is It?

Officially, this system of transport is known as the Bangkok Mass Transit System, but it’s also called the Skytrain or BTS. It offers train travel on elevated tracks above the city which is especially useful during rush hour as it evades the traffic. Located in various parts of the Thai capital and close to accommodation providers like Somerset Riverside Bangkok, Skytrain stations provide easy access to sightseeing, dining, shopping, and nightlife hotspots too. Generally, this transport service runs from around 6:00am to midnight.

Two Main Lines

For those based at the city’s best serviced apartments, Bangkok Skytrain options are easy to make use of, though keep in mind there are two main lines named after the roads they run along. The Silom Line has a route linking the National Stadium and Bang Wa, while the Sukhumvit Line provides connections between Mo Chit and Bearing. Since the lines may have been extended due to development, check ahead on the official website (https://www.bts.co.th/eng/) for any new additions as well as for current ticket fares.

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be easily purchased for the BTS in Bangkok at machines that can be found at the Skytrain stations. Some of the older machines accept only coins, though you do get staffed service desks at the stations if you need to change your Thai baht notes. Near the older ticket machines, one will usually find a map so you can see the fare needed for your destination, while the newer machines give you the option of selecting the destination via their touchscreens. Once you get your ticket (and any balance change), you can use them at the automatic entry gates of the station.

The Rabbit Card

For those planning to use the Skytrain in Bangkok regularly over a long period, a cost-effective option would be to purchase what is known as the Rabbit card. You can easily buy such a card and top it up with cash when you need and use it for your trips; the cost will be relatively cheaper than using the ticket machines. Another option would be to buy a Rabbit card offering pre-paid trips with a 30-day validity period which offers further discounted rates.