Bangkok National Museum

Learn more about Thai culture

Thailand is indeed known for its unique ancient architecture throughout the world! The place that highlights this wonderful special art of Thailand is none other than the Bangkok National Museum with the largest collection of antiques in Asia.

Thailand Dragon| Img by: whatsinprague via pixabay


This compound was initially found, and the buildings were constructed by King Rama V. The very first buildings that came up were said to be from the year 1782. Each building contains archaic knickknacks from jewellery to everyday items.

The architecture

It’s not only the artefacts inside the buildings that should be marvelled upon but the very design of the structures that house them. All the roofs are embellished with gold on the outside while the inside is adorned with a mix of red and gold, not to mention the lacquered wooden floors.

The awe-inspiring exhibits

For those culture enthusiasts out there, the museum offers a plethora of cultural items, especially relating to the dominant religion, Buddhism, here at the Bangkok National Museum. See with your own eyes the various talismans and what not showcased here.


Situated in the very centre of the city, the place it just a few minutes’ drive away from Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok and many a serviced apartment in Bangkok. There are many restaurants and cafes nearby as well.

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