Reasons to visit Bangkok

Get ready for a unique vacation experience!

Being one of the most culturally diverse and dynamic cities in Thailand, Bangkok seamlessly blends modernity with tradition and offers a lot to do and see for tourists. Here are five reasons as to why you should visit Bangkok.

Bangkok| Img by: Ninara via FlickrCC BY 2.0

Thai culture at its best

Home to a plethora of temples and religious monuments, Bangkok is one of the cities you can witness Thai culture at its best. The region has retained its culture and traditional values through duration of western colonization.

Home to the world’s biggest China town

Bankok has the largest concentration of people of Chinese origin in Thailand thus it has the world’s biggest China town. You could savour lots of amazing Chinese food, buy goods that are directly brought from and China, meet lots of new people while you are here and will be an exciting experience! You could also find many accommodation options the likes of Somerset Ekamai Bangkok which is an Ekamai Condo and many resort properties.

Incredible architecture

Bangkok is home to an impressive skyline that is composed of unique buildings, most of them are feats of meticulous architectural planning. The elephant Tower, Robot Tower, MahaNakhon, G Tower are few of the fine examples of iconic buildings in Bangkok.

Amazing food

The city is scattered with street food stalls, cafes and restaurants, Bangkok is the best place to be if you wish to experience Thai food culture. Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Mango with Sticky Rice, Khao Soi are few of the mouth-wateringly delicious food items that you should definitely try during your time here.



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