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A Visit to the Famed Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

A Sacred Site in the City of Angels

Amidst the lively and sometimes chaotic streets of Bangkok, you will come across a small shrine where devotees gather each day; there’s much to discover at the Erawan Shrine.

Getting There

This shrine stands at the bustling Ratchaprasong intersection across from the CentralWorld mall and within a five-minute walk from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel; while those staying at such SHA Extra+ certified hotels in Siam, Bangkok, can reach it by foot, others can access this site from the Chit Lom or Siam BTS Skytrain stations.

Image by cancelvfr from Pixabay

Its Origins

The shrine dates to 1956 and is linked to a fascinating story. This site was initially where the Erawan Hotel (now Grand Hyatt Erawan) was being built, though it faced numerous delays and mishaps. It was determined that the construction wasn’t being done in an auspicious manner and the shrine was set up to ward off bad fortune, with the hotel being subsequently completed!

The Statue

Also known as Saan Phra Phrom, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok has a golden statue of the Thai representation of Brahma (Phra Phrom) who Hindus consider the God of Creation. Interestingly, it has four faces, each believed to represent a form of good fortune, while it also features four hands with sacred items and weapons to keep evil away.

What to Expect

Since the shrine is at a busy intersection, don’t expect the usual tranquillity you find at other temples in Thailand. That said, it’s a captivating place to visit and soak up some local culture; be it early morning or in the evening, you can observe devotees making offerings and lighting joss ticks, while sometimes, you may get to see traditional Thai dance performances too.