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A Tourist’s Guide for Sightseeing in Bangkok’s Riverside

Woven along the Chao Phraya riverside is Bangkok’s narrative history. For those who fancy sailing in the tranquil waters of the Chao Phraya River, sightseeing by the Bangkok riverside would seem an experience to dwell in for a lifetime.

A Riverfront Experience

A mere 5-minute ride from Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Asiatique the Riverfront is an easily accessible location from both land, water and most Bangkok resorts, hosting an extensive range of outdoor activities of radiant beams under the city lights. Inspired by colonial architecture, the Asiatique mall carries historical significance as a former trading port between Siam and Europe.

A Visit to The Museum

The Museum Siam is a hub of interactive learning for anyone that walks through its doors. Implanted in the repurposed Ministry of Commerce Building are Thailand’s rich history and a set of interactive exhibits which allow the play and learn option for those who prefer self-learning. The map room is a traveller’s paradise as you take a peek at the panoramic videos of the country’s historical background.

Yakuzakorat, มิวเซียมสยาม พิพิธภัณฑ์การเรียนรู้ 3, CC BY-SA 3.0

Shop at The Wang Lang Market

Ideal for a last-minute shopping spree, the Wang Lang Market shelters everything Thai. From local cuisine to traditional clothing, this spot is not widely popular among tourists. However, if you fancy a wardrobe addition at a bargained price, Wang Lang Market is your ideal spot to shop at. Keep in mind that travelling to the market will require a boat ride to Prannok Pier.

A Religious Landmark

As a country that holds a group of religious devotees, Thailand has Buddhist landmarks and temples of significance. As you sail down the Chao Phraya River, the most astonishing Wat Arun, also known as The Temple of The Dawn will be standing mighty and tall by the west bank of the river. Decorated with vivid pieces of porcelain, coated in enamel, this 82-metre stupa is a sight to see.