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Potters of Koh Kret

The Pottery Professionals of Koh Kret

A nation that is easily one of Earth’s most bountiful in culture, natural splendour and history is Thailand. The tourism industry of this wondrous country is highly refined to cater to the indulgent whims of its many visitors, while also ensuring that they experience the natural and cultural wonders of this exotic locale. The island of Koh Kret, is one of the most notable sites one should keep an eye out for, and can be easily reached by many Bangkok Cruises. The Anantara Cruises are particular for their use of 100-year old rice-barges that are an eclectic mix of history and modern day indulgence.

Located within the Chao Phraya River, roughly 20km north of Nonthaburi Province of Bangkok, makes it an easily accessible destination due to its close proximity to the city of Bangkok. The island was the result of a canal, that was constructed in 1722, to serve as a shortcut in order to easily bypass a bend in the Chao Praya River. Until this day, the island is the home of the Mon Tribes, who are reputed for their particular blend of Buddhism, and their renowned art of pottery. The island of Koh Kret is a far cry of the sprawling city of Bangkok, resembling a rural village with the remains of crumbling temples. The island’s prime attraction, is its infamous brand of pottery.

Kwan Arman, is the name given to its’ signature style of Mon Pottery, which consists of baked, unglazed terracotta carved with intricate patterns. The prices of these pots vary greatly, with simple pots starting at around 5 Baht, to specialized candle and incense holders starting around 200 Baht, to exquisite ornate pieces with prices ranging to the thousands. Kwan Arman is regarded as the most beautiful of Thai pottery. There are roughly around twenty pottery workshops scattered around the kiln, and one will see kilns everywhere as one travels about the rural splendour of Koh Kret. To further contribute to your experience, vendors selling Thai and Mon snacks are plentiful, selling favourites such as Khao Cher, and Mon Tempura.

So next time you are in Thailand, head off to Koh Kher, and witness the nation’s most beautiful pottery in the making.

Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.