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Visit to Bangkok Grand Palace : Deferential and awe-inspiring terrain

A vision of gold and a vehicle to the past, The Bangkok Grand Palace is where royalty and religion reigned and continues to reign supreme. Constructed in 1782, the magnificence of the palace is blinding. Its architecture is a study of history and adorns Bangkok with its unparalleled structures. You might get the sense that you are partaking in royal luxury when you book your stay at Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. It is undoubtedly the ultimate Luxury Resort, Bangkok. You would also be able to access the Grand Palace with ease and traverse its grounds leisurely when stationed in such a convenient location. Drown and dwell in the splendor of the palace.

For the purposes of administrating the state and commandeering top officials of the military, the outer court was maintained. From the period of its construction until the turn of the twentieth century, the palace was abuzz with life and vigor. Within the Inner Court that is out of bounds for visitors, were the grounds and halls that echoed to the dainty footsteps of the royal consorts and the King’s daughters. Within the palace premises, you would be able to notice the architecture taking the shades of modernity and tradition.Stark differences can be noticed in the structures of the roofs. Would you be able to distinguish between the structures that have been inspired by modernity and those that were fashioned in the past? It is time to find out.

A block of jade delicately carved into the image of the Lord Buddha, is housed in the Outer Court. Wat Phra Kaew or The Temple of the Emerald Buddha has a magnetic effect on all visitors. It draws looks and gestures of respect from many. The robes wrapped around the Buddha’s body are changed seasonally and calls for much ceremony. The King of Thailand leads the events and enrobes the statue in fresh garments. Make sure you are dressed accordingly when visiting the palace grounds, because you are in the invisible presence of royalty. More importantly it is best that the religious beliefs of another community are respected to the utmost.

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