Guide to Terminal 21 Bangkok – Make the Most of this Mega Mall

Terminal 21 is one of the biggest malls in Bangkok, which is no easy feat since this tropical metropolis is famous for having some of the world’s largest emporiums. Here’s what you need to know.

Terminal 21 Bangkok| Img by: Terrazzo via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

LG Caribbean

This is the name of the lower ground floor and it has a distinct Caribbean theme. You’ll find two things here, food and banks. Where the prior is concerned, this is one of the best places in Bangkok, where you can find everything from fine Japanese burgers to western classics and gourmet groceries.

Level G Rome/Level M Paris

These two floors are named after these cities for good reason since they showcase the most luxurious and elite brands the mall has to offer. All high-end brands from Jaspar to Victoria’s Secret are situated on these floors.

Level 1 Tokyo/Level 2 London

These two floors combined offer some of the best clothes-shopping in Bangkok, with Level 1 catering to women, and Level 2 for men. If you’re staying at a Bangkok apartment hotel nearby, such as Adelphi Forty-Nine and wish to indulge in some shopping, do not miss these floors!

Level 3 Istanbul/Level 4+5 San Francisco

Level 3 is the most eclectic of all the floors and features everything from accessories to toys. San Francisco is the theme of both the 4th and 5th floors, which offer an absolutely astonishing array of eateries.




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Lumpini Park in Bangkok – The Breathtaking Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park Thailand Bangkok Building

Lumpini Park Thailand Bangkok | Img. Src:[Max Pixel, Creative Commons Zero – CC0]

Lumbini is where the Buddha was born. The place is still in Nepal now open for public. Lumpini Park has been influenced by the original location in Nepal. The park was built as far back as 1920. It was initially set up with the purpose of being a centre to showcase Thai crafts and various other floral items. The architects of the park, however, could not accomplish that mission. The park instead became an ideal place for various leisure activities. Even today, joggers and light workout enthusiasts are an unmistakable sight.

The Lumpini Park knows no age barrier. Whatever age group you belong to, the park has something to offer in terms of recreational activities. If you can arrange to lodge at a Bangkok apartment hotel located close to the park, you can enjoy your holiday while attending to other to-dos in your vacation schedule. For instance, if you book somewhere like Adelphi Forty-Nine, you can look forward to chilling out in the park at the end of a busy day.
You are likely to spot elderly walkers immersed in tai chi, lovers taking a leisurely stroll along the lakeside while office employees relax after a full day of work. Do not forget to notice the local flora and fauna, some of which are both indigenous and rare. The forest park located on the premises is a must-visit. You will, of course, come across the long-time residents of the park such as water monitor lizards.

The park has a noteworthy presence in contrast to the skyscrapers that mark the urbanity. The park’s weekend serenity morphs into a hive of activities such as paddle boats, rowing and other outdoor games. Even if you are not much into outdoor games, it’s enjoyable to watch others indulging in the weekend liberty.

Before the sunset, you can take part in open-air aerobics. The local jazz groups add melody to the evening episode. If you feel a little hungry, the hawkers are passing by selling snacks for a song.


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Muay Thai fight in Thailand – The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai Boxing Match

        Muay Thai Boxing Match | Photo via Maxpixel | CC0 Public Domain

With tourists coming into the Thai capital from all across the world the accommodation options have also grown to match the different needs of travellers. One of the recent favourites for tourists has been to book into a Bangkok apartment hotel, where you can do things at your own convenience and privacy.

Finding a place to watch a Muay Thai or even learn isn’t hard when you are in Bangkok. Apartment hotels such as Adelphi Forty-Nine are located conveniently close to many Muay Thai schools in Sukhumvit.

The origins of Muay Thai are often unclear as most of the written history was lost during the lootings carried out by the Burmese. Whatever that was protected is now regarded as valuable treasures. Muay Thai is referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs which goes on to depict the eight points of contact of the body as war weapons. Muay Thai had become an essential part of Siamese culture. It became essential for royalty to learn Muay Thai because it was regarded that a great warrior is a great leader.

During the fights, the knees and elbows constantly look for any openings to hold the enemy and spin him down to the floor and kill. What was regarded as the golden age of Muay Thai was during King Rama V’s time. He did many things to popularise the sport such as organising competitions.

Over the past 100 years, Muay Thai has become popular not only in Thailand but also internationally. The sport reached many nations and was also referred to as Siam boxing by some. The first formal rule in association with the game was introduced after the World War II. The game was divided into five rounds with a clock timing each round which had a time limit.

Today Bangkok’s Lumpini stadium is regarded as the holy ground for the sport and is a popular activity for tourists to witness and be a part of.


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