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Wat Pathum Wanaram

Finding Elusive Peace in Bangkok

Locked away in your room at a hotel such as the Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites or submerged in the aromatic waters of a spa are two of the few places one would dream of experiencing peace in Bangkok as the city is known to be effervescent and bubbling. Those who stay at a Bangkok hotel near BTS would be able to easily locate the temple named Wat Pathum Wanaram which is nestled between the two busy hubs, Siam Square and Chitlom where one runs in to tranquility in the most unexpected fashion. The noise dulls into oblivion, the dazzling city colours fade in to the pearl white structure of the temple or wat and the mad desires to shop are quenched by a sudden longing for spiritual realization as you step in to the holy grounds which are surrounded by trees.

These trees are where locals tie and attach their wishes to; hence amidst the rustling of leaves, you would also find pieces of paper and board swinging to the breeze. A thin but tall pagoda with a spire that stands above the rest of the buildings in the temple is the eye catcher with even some of the trees in the area falling short of hiding its looming height.

The temple had been constructed during the time of King Rama IV whose wish of worshipping in proximity to his royal abode, the Sa Pathum Palace came true when this temple was brought to life amidst what is believed to have been paddy fields during that time. Wat Pathum Wanaram is akin to many Buddhist shrines in Bangkok, including a Bo Tree, but it has the extra distinguishing factor of being one of the oldest places of worship. Nevertheless, to date there are no tell tale signs of its age as the buildings which consist of the main temple building, the monk’s quarters, the pagoda and the library are in a great state of repair.

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