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Getting Around in Bangkok

Traversing the Thai Urban Jungle

The city of Bangkok is the capital and most populous city in the country of Thailand and houses more than twelve percent of the country’s population. Considering it is an expansive city with a massive population, you might be thinking traveling around might be pretty tricky. Bangkok however has a very intricate transport system. Due to the major traffic congestion that was prevalent in Bangkok during the 1990s, the government initiated plans to develop the road-network along with some alternative means for public transportation.

One of the most popular of these public methods of transportation are the BTS Skytrains that have become extremely popular. One can easily travel close to anywhere on a Skytrain through stations such as the Asoke BTS Station, located close to AVANI Atrium Bangkok, a popular hotel in Asoke. The BTS train system can be so convenient that it can even take you directly to the popular shopping mall known as Terminal-21.

If you’re afraid of heights, Bangkok has you covered, since you can easily use what locals refer to as the ‘MRT’, which is Bangkok’s underground railway network. The MRT is particularly convenient for tourists as well since they have ensured to arrange stops at various popular markets and attractions, including the Asoke BTS Station. A terminal to the underground network is located a mere 300m from the airport rail link.

Finally, if all else fails, the timeless transport medium that is the Taxi, is also available for your travelling pleasure. The Taxi cars in Bangkok are usually new and comfortable vehicles that even come in striking colors such as bright Pink, if you can manage to communicate with the drivers, who usually speak little English, you will Bangkok at your fingertips. So on your next visit to Bangkok, you will know exactly how to traverse the urban jungle.

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