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Chatuchak Weekend Market

A Shopaholic's Dream Come True

Chatuchak Weekend Market or JJ Market is, hands down, the largest market in Thailand, a country known for shopping. Declared open back in 1942, today it features over 8,000 stalls categorised into 27 sections. If shopping is your thing, and you’re looking for a nearby accommodation space such as a luxury resort, Bangkok offers you plenty of options. Consider the likes of Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort to be placed close to the action at JJ Market.

The market sells nine types of goods primarily; clothing, furniture and interior decor, antiques, books, pets, food and beverages, food items, ceramics and plants. The phrase “something for everyone” is literally an understatement here. Over the past 60 years, Chatuchak Weekend Market has become one of the most sought after venues in Bangkok for tourists. The diverse range of goods available here will ensure you drop in more than once during your holiday.

Spanning over a whopping 35-acre space, the market welcomes over 200,000 shoppers on an average weekend. Even if you’re spending just one weekend in Bangkok, make a visit to this market a must! Grab a map to find out which sections to visit if you have specific items in mind. If not, start from one end and sift your way through for a shopping experience like no other.

Although prices are low, when purchasing antiques, ensure you have an expert with you. Also, polishing up your bargaining skills will help secure the best deals. Be prepared to walk away at any given moment, and you’ll be surprised with the discounts you can get.

If it is your first time visiting the Chatuchak Weekend Market, don’t stress yourself over which sections to visit. Allocate an entire day, pick a starting point and make your way through. Half the excitement is in not knowing what awesome goodies you will come across!

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