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Wat Intharawihan

a splendid spiritual centre

When the city of more than 31,000 elegant Buddhist temples calls you to come explore her spiritual offerings, the Wat Intharawihan presents an intriguing offering of ancient relics imbued with a special allure. Ensure you secure one of fine Bangkok serviced apartments to host your stay here, especially one that provides easy access to many of the city’s cultural and entertainment attractions. Consider investing in the elegant brand of Sukhumvit accommodation found at the Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok for choice hospitality in the midst of one of Bangkok’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. The temple of Wat Intharawihan’s unique appeal towers thirty-two metres above the bustling cityscape in the form of the golden Buddha statue, dating back more than 150 years to the reign of King Rama IV.  This impressive tribute to Buddhism’s iconic figure is the tallest of its sort in the world, and is decorated with glass mosaics and 24-carat gold to create a stunning visual against the cityscape. The state took more than 60 years to finish construction and it remains a popular draw for tourists and an important spiritual lure for Buddhists. The temple’s “ubosot”, which is the holy prayer room situated within the temple proper, dates back to the Ayutthaya period of Thai history and it contains a number of intriguing Buddha images. You will also discover elaborate murals gracing the walls of this sanctum sanctorum and exquisitely gilded windows. If you take a stroll on the expansive temple grounds, you will discover unique carved stones known as “sema” stones, and nestled in a quiet alcove rises a life-size stature of Luang Phaw Toh, a famous Thai monk. A small museum onsite hosts a collection of aged Buddha images as well as a selection of paintings that merit a view when you’re here.

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