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Ten Tips For First Time Visitors to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world and it is full of Asian charm and wonder. However, it is always important to plan your trip ahead before you arrive in the city. Especially because it is a busy city you can get lost and might find it difficult to find your way back to your hotel. Or there is a possibility that you will end up spending more money than you ought to. All in all you should visit Bangkok with a clear mind and a well thought out itinerary.

Before you visit this part of the world get to know what the country and the city is like, visitors can get familiarized with the city by taking a map and looking at the streets in the city. Bangkok is a maze of streets and having a map in hand will help you navigate your way across the capital. Make sure that the map includes street names in Thai and English. The second tip to keep in mind is about shopping in Bangkok, the city is full of street shops and vendors, if you want to purchase anything that is sold in shops you must be willing to bargain. Foreigner should bargain nicely, and you will be amazed by the final price of a product. The third tip is to drink a lot of water. Most often visitors are busy walking on the streets and exploring and it is important to keep yourself hydrated while you do so.

The fourth tip is to be careful, you must be aware while taking directions. The fifth tip would be to take a tour of Bangkok. The Bangkok tours are not that expensive and can be arranged easily online. The sixth tip for a first time visitor is to plan ahead and figure out the routes. Number seven; use the BRTs and MRTs as much as possible, there is less of a hassle when travelling in such comfort. The eighth tip for visitors is when using taxis. Make sure the taxi driver has the meter on and avoid rush hour at all times. Tip number nine is to carry a copy of your identification; you can always keep your passport at the hotel room and carry a copy instead. The final tip is to carry your hotel card with the directions to the place written in Thai. Even if you do get lost, this will help you get back to your hotel. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Thailand, it is worth checking out some of them online. When it comes to luxury hotel resorts in Bangkok there are some places that stand out from the rest. One of the places that should be look at is Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas, it offers great service and luxurious rooms.

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