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Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)

Best at Dusk

The spire that rises to embrace the heavens is a grayish brown intricately carved, Chinese porcelain studded overwhelming landmark of Thailand. In spite of its name ‘Temple of Dawn’ the shrine is considered most beautiful at sunset and after nightfall when each level of the spire is brightly lit up. It may be just one among the many hundreds and thousands of ‘wats’ or temples in Bangkok but stands out due to its mammoth size and historical value.

With the cascading ripples of the river Chao Phraya offering a melodious lull to the environment as dusk sets in the religious grounds take on an air of prestige and sanctity. The grounds are frequented by both Buddhist devotees and others who call over at this world famous temple that used to house the Emerald Buddha statue and the Phra Bang.

The chronicles of Thailand reveal that King Taskin who emerged victorious against the Burmese army that had taken over Ayuththaya, arrived at the Wat Arun as daylight was breaking and thereafter giving the temple its alias. Ever since then the temple has become the cynosure of all royalty. The temple was originally known as Wat Chaeng and continues to be referred to that by the locals even though it derives its fame and glory under the name Wat Arun.

The building has been designed to represent Mount Meru, which is considered the centre of the world as per Buddhist cosmology. The four smaller structures in the corners are the homes of the guardian gods. The peak’s stubbornly straight and pointed nature depicts single mindedness of the Buddhists and the advocated principles in the doctrine.

Most devotees use a ferry or boat to access the shrine as it is a popular means of exploring the outskirts of Bangkok as well. Hence, one will pass orchid farms, snake farms and floating markets prior to anchoring at the Wat Arun quay.

The crispy air above the Chao Phraya River is a good change from the warm and snug atmosphere of a Bangkok hotel. Thus, most patrons of a Sukhumvit hotel would be seen arranging for a cruise on the river. The Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok has a reputation for the hospitality extended to such guests.

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