Queen’s birthday

Mother’s day Thailand

Thailand is not only a place where tourist from around the world flock for the beaches or the shopping but also a country with a lot of rich cultural values. Having the longest ruling monarchy in the world, Bhomibol, his wife is the longest ruling royal consort, Her Majesty , Sirikit. The birthday of the queen falls on the 12th of August and this day is declared as Mother’s day in Thailand as Her Majesty Sirikit is regarded as the Mother of the nation.

Close to the day approaching the entire city is lit up especially the royal avenue , and there are portraits of the queen on display throughout. The celebrations attract many tourist , to cope with the rising number of tourist the accommodation offered also increased. Luxury hotel Sathorn is a popular choice among them. One that stands out among the many accommodation options available is, Anantara Bangkok Sathorn. Located in a prime location in the city, the hotel has well designed rooms to suit both the business travelers and leisure travelers alike.

Her Majesty Sikirit rose to prominence due to her grace and elegance and she played a key role in the revival of the Thai arts and culture as well as promoted the Thai Silk industry. She also has patronized many charities such as the Red cross.

Portraits of the queen from different periods during her rule clad the streets of Bangkok. To mark the mother’s day celebration there are many public as well as family celebrations that take place. There are many parades and ceremonies that light up the cities of Bangkok as well as families like in most cultures at present take their mothers out for special meals and present them with gifts of gratitude. Alms giving to monks on the morning of celebration is an integral event on this special day.

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