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Loha Prasat Temple

Jewel of the Bangkok Skyline

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Located on the grounds of Wat Ratchanaddaram , the temple is also known as the metal castle. Built in 1846 under the patronage of King Rama III , inspired by two other temples of similar nature found in India and Sri Lanka . The temple rises upto 36 meters and have 37 metal spires representing the 37 virtues towards enlightenment. A relic of lord Buddha is kept at the highest level. Loha prasat is a term from Indian origin refering to monks quarters , only three such constructions were to be found in the world , however the only one standing to date is the one to be found in Bangkok. For a small entry fee , you could explore this great piece of architecture. Even though the temple has a rich history the temple was ordered reconstruction recently by the current king. Walk through the pillar stormed alleys take us through the history and importance of this temple. Due to its uniqueness of nature the Loha Prasat is being considered by UNESCO to be declared a world heritage site. The temple sits in the midst of lush tropical gardens in close proximity to Wat Ratchanadda. The temple is one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture and has its own noteworthy place in the Bangkok Skyline.


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