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Mango Sticky Rice of Thailand – A Delicious Treat!

Mango Sticky Rice of Thailand – A Delicious Treat!

The mouthwatering tastes of Mango Sticky Rice are surfaced by its combination of glutinous rice, slices of mangoes, and creamy coconut milk. Although its origins lie in Thailand, this delicious dessert is much loved in Southeast and South Asian regions.


Mango sticky rice embodies gluey rice that is infused with thick coconut milk. One can experience palatable joys of this divine dessert at top hotels in Bangkok such as the in-house restaurants of properties offered by popular chains such as Maitria Hotels & Residences.

Image by Huahom from Pixabay


The sticky rice is scooped onto a plate and arranged in a cone-like shape at many places. Mangoes are peeled, then sliced before placing them next to rice. More often, the yellow variety is used than the green mangoes as it has a sweeter taste. Any remaining coconut milk is sprinkled on the top and garnished with crispy, yellow mung beans.


During off-seasons, durian becomes a delicious substitute for mangoes. For those who’d like to have some kind of colour on their rice can opt for a dessert prepared with both black and white sticky rice. This would swathe the rice in an inviting purplish hue.

The Thai Term

Khaoniaomamuang! That’s how the Thai natives refer to this rather scrumptious dessert. Now that you know that try summoning your inner Thai persona to ask for this dessert made in heaven.