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Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Bangkok's Lumpini Park is an Oasis amidst a Metropolis

Bangkok is becoming ever famous for her metropolitan landscape, and is considered a primate city. This refers to a city that is the largest in its relevant country or region. Since it is such a massive city, living in it can expose one to a whole lot of hustle and bustle. In a city such as this, it is always good to have a place that serves as a tranquil retreat. That place is Lumpini Park.

The park is so beautiful that it is bound to appear in many Bangkok hotel promotion packages, since there are many hotels to be found nearby, such as Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok.

The park was built sometime in the 1920s where it started off as an exhibition centre for items such as local handicrafts and flowers. In the present day, the park is so much more, simultaneously functioning as a place of zen while also being a focal point for people looking to carry out some casual exercise.

If you visit the park you’re bound to see many joggers as well as countless people taking part in exercise routines ranging from aerobics to martial arts. The park has come to be labelled as the ‘Green Lung of Bangkok’, and many people visit the park simply to breathe some fresh air and enjoy a bit of mental zen.

The park offers a few facilities such as a basketball court and a jungle gym for the young ones. Interestingly, at certain times there are even musical acts taking place at Lumpini Park, ranging from local jazz acts to full-fledged classical orchestras who will be performing for your casual appreciation.

There’s an incredible amount of food stalls available at Lumpini Park, where you can find everything from pad thai to jim joom. During the weekend the fresh market takes place where you can procure anything from seafood to fruit.

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