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King Rama Park, Bangkok

A Stroll in a Royal Park

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a city full glamorous royal palaces, wondrous archaeological sites and vibrant street life. Its famous Chao Phraya River runs through every nook and corner of the city and adds extra beauty to this already beautiful city. Boasting many top attractions, it is also home to luxury business hotels Bangkok has to offer such as Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel. Among the many royal palaces and other stunning attractions, the King Rama Park stands out for the calm and tranquillity it offers to its many visitors.

Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Bangkok, one may head to the King Rama Park which spans over many hundreds of acres of land on the northern side of the city. The park has received much popularity among local and foreign tourists alike as an after-work hangout place or even as a casual weekend escape. The property was built in the year 1981 in celebration of the 60th birthday of the late ruler of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Within the park is a beautiful large lake offering scenic views, plenty of space for those who would like to exercise, an expansive garden to relax in, and some well-built pavilions.

The spaceship like Ratchamangkala Pavilion occupies a centre space that houses a gallery showcasing rare pictures of Thai royalty. Right opposite to this charming pavilion or gallery is the beautiful lake which also offers visitors exciting pedal boat rides. A ride down the lake takes visitors to the much-admired Lotus Gardens. Not forgetting, the park also has many other gardens which are too good to miss including a botanical garden with a large collection of plant species. Among others are the French Garden and the International Garden which draws inspiration from different continents of the world. The Chinese Garden has its very own temple and wall surrounding it while the American Garden features cacti plants.

Well that’s not it! It’s important to mention that these very gardens house over 40 species of lotuses and lilies. For those who are health conscious, the sports centre within the park is a great place to enjoy the weekend with either a dip in the pool or a good game of tennis. It gets better thanks to a theatre dedicated to musical performances treating visitors to some scintillating performances!

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