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Lumphini Park Bangkok

An Escape From The Busy Streets In Bangkok

In a city that is as big as Bangkok and as busy tourists will be in want of a place to hide and escape from all the commotion. This is what Lumphini Park in Bangkok has to offer. It is the venue for the fatigued tourist, the tired shopper and the weary foreigner who wants to breathe in fresh air and indulge in some Thai snacks.

Lumphini Park was built during the 1920s by King Rama VI and it is named Lumbini the birth place of the Buddha. In the 20s it was actually located outside of the city, however, with time the city has grown and now Lumphini Park is part of the city. It is a public open space with an artificial lake, an area for jogging, boat rides and a vast playground. The landscape totals to around 2.5 kilometres and is considered to be one of the shadiest spots in the city.

Lumphini Park is open in the morning and it is a great place for joggers, yoga enthusiasts and cyclists. Keep in mind that cycling is allowed at the park only from 10am to 3pm. Since smoking cannot be done here it is relatively a clean environment and the air is fresh. Although the premises is located in the main business district it is very peaceful and an ideal getaway for those who want to enjoy the natural surroundings of the city. Bangkok’s primary public library is also situated inside the area; so if you are looking for a good book to read you should head over there.

During the months of winter Lumphini is a site for annual concerts, orchestral performances and festivals. Figuring out the route to Lumphini is quite simple; most of the tracks in the BTS Skyway Train and the MRT include a pit stop at the park. Tourists who are eager to find a place close to the attraction should check out Bangkok serviced apartments in the main business district. Search for Sukhumvit accommodation to explore the range of lodging options including hotels, boarding houses and inns. Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok offers luxurious and comfortable flats especially catered for tourists coming into Thailand.


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