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The large open air mall in Bangkok

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With a growing demand of tourism, Bangkok is a little less than the heaven above for any shopaholic. So if you try to figure out where to shop, you can easily opt in for an open air mall. That said, Asiatique The Riverfront is a large as well as open air mall in Bangkok. You can get the directions here from any luxury resort Bangkok has to offer such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. Or simply reach Charoen Krung Road and you will find the mall facing the famous Chao Phraya River. The mall is built impressively on a land of about 12 acres.

The mall almost tops the list of its competitors with about 1500 shops and stalls plus 40 restaurants. In fact the most surprising fact is that most of these stalls were warehouses earlier. If you have time in hand, try to make a visit to the replica of Bangkok’s former tram system too. The site is full of bronze statues that narrate Bangkok’s maritime history.

And do not forget to enjoy some puppet show at the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre located in the vicinity. What is so special about the puppet show is that you can experience a traditional performance with a modern choreographic interpretation. The performance is a welcome escape for the tired soul in you, as the puppet characters act humorously.

Sure, you can also go for a first class assortment of Thai cuisine at the mall. Of course, the 40 restaurants mean that you are in for a wide choice. And if you need more variety, the night market is open for the public from 5 pm to midnight.

The Asiatique will also introduce you to the tallest Ferris wheel which is about 200 feet. Close to the wheel, you can also watch Calypso Cabaret show. This show, as well as the puppet show, are an embodiment of Thailand’s evolution of culture and arts.

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