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The Khlong Of Thonburi In Bangkok

Tradition Unchanged

The Thai capital is well known among the tourist for it’s never ending vibrancy. Being a tourist hub there are various attractions and activities spread across various locations in the city. There is equal importance given to culture as well as modern elements throughout the city. The former capital is one of the great places to explore to learn about the culture of the Thai. Various other culturally important sites are also found in various parts of Bangkok. Resorts, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls are often concentrated on them as most tourists prefer to be close to the attractions.

Thonburi which is the former capital of Bangkok is located on the Western bank of the famous Chao Phraya River. The district was merged into Bangkok in 1972. The once independent province has managed to avoid most of the modern development seen elsewhere. The Khlong which are the traditional canals which were used for transportation by the residents of Bangkok is still seen in this part of the city. However if you want to explore Thonburi and want to be in close proximity without sacrificing your comfort, there are a pool of hotels to choose from. Among the many a top pick amongst tourists has been Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

There are numerous ways to explore the Khlongs are by boat or to take on a walking tour. 6m long touristy boats can be hired from any tourist points along the river. The walking tours guide you along the banks and the local communities to explore the traditional Thai way of life. There are also public long tail boats that can be used for these journeys. The life continues on the banks of these canals as it once used to. The hiking numbers of tourist have opened new opportunities to the locals as many sell souvenirs in little paddle boats on these canals.

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