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Getting Around Bangkok by Boat

A Great Way to Enjoy a Holiday in Bangkok

Have you already learnt a bit about the history of Bangkok and want to know more about the city? Spend some time exploring Bangkok by boat.

Why travelling by boat?

Many of Bangkok’s popular attractions are around the Chao Phraya Riverside area and easily accessible by boat. Boat travel in Thailand is incredibly cheap!

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Fabio Achilli from Milano, Italy, Bangkok, Chao Phraya Express Boat (6223565866)CC BY 2.0

Select the boat of your choice

Out of different types of boats that offer different services, guests can select any boat of their preference. There are five types of Express Boat River Taxis. It is the flag colour in each boat that decides the route of the journey and where to stop. The best way to capture the Bangkok riverside by night is to travel with River Cruises while enjoying a candlelit dinner.

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Manju ShakyaCruise Dinner in BangkokCC BY-SA 4.0

Where to stay

Those planning to stay in a hotel in riverside, Bangkok can relax and unwind in contemporary accommodation option such as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel. The hotel’s complimentary shuttle boat service transports tourists to discover cultural highlights and major shopping destinations of the city. Waterfront serenity of this tropical hideaway tempts international travellers to stay longer exploring the city of Bangkok.

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Image Credit: AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

A unique Canal Tour

This is a ‘must do’ tour for travellers who like to see traditional Thai lifestyle. You can enjoy lush greenery while cruising along the orchards and small family farms. Have an unforgettable journey in a teak boat!

File:Long tail boat on Bangkok's khlong.jpg
GozitanoLong tail boat on Bangkok’s khlongCC BY-SA 4.0

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