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Explore Bangkok’s craft beer scene

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Bangkok, a city known for its vibrant food and drink culture, has embraced the craft beer revolution with open arms. Amidst the bustling streets and gleaming temples, a growing craft beer scene awaits. Let’s embark on a hoppy adventure as we uncover where to find the best craft beer in Bangkok.

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Craft Beer Bars and Brewpubs

Bangkok is home to an array of craft beer bars and brewpubs that cater to beer aficionados seeking unique flavors and quality brews. Explore popular spots like Mikkeller Bangkok, with its extensive selection of craft beers on tap and a welcoming ambiance. Drop by Tawandang German Brewery for a fusion of German brewing traditions and Thai flavors, accompanied by live music and a lively atmosphere.

Local Breweries

Immerse yourself in Bangkok’s emerging craft brewery scene by visiting local breweries that pride themselves on brewing distinctive beers. Check out popular breweries like Sandport Beer, producing handcrafted beers using local ingredients and innovative techniques. Enjoy a brewery tour, indulge in tasting sessions, and gain insight into the creative process behind each brew. You can easily embark on these fascinating adventures whilst enjoying all the modern comforts of a lavish hotel in Chanthaburi such as the luxurious Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi.

Beer Bars with a Twist

Beyond dedicated craft beer establishments, Bangkok also boasts beer bars with a twist, offering a unique blend of craft beer, creative concepts, and fantastic ambiance. Visit Beer Belly, a hidden gem known for its rotating selection of craft beers from around the world, accompanied by mouthwatering comfort food. Drop by Hair of the Dog, a beloved craft beer institution serving up a wide range of international and local brews in a cozy and laid-back setting.

Beer Festivals and Events

Experience the lively and dynamic craft beer community in Bangkok by attending beer festivals and events. The annual Craft Beer Fest brings together local and international breweries, offering an excellent opportunity to sample an extensive range of craft beers. Keep an eye out for special beer events and tap takeovers happening throughout the city, where you can discover limited-edition brews and interact with passionate brewers.