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Brief History of Bangkok Tourism

From Humble Beginnings

Bangkok is a must-see bucket list destination for many in both the east and west! While you plan your holiday, read on to uncover the history and the wonder of how this city grew into the world presence it has today!

Chao Phraya River

Bangkok’s lifeline is the Chao Phraya River! Studies show that there have been village settlements along the bank of this river since the 15th century or so. But it was during the reign of King Rama that Bangkok was deemed to be the capital city of the nation.

Hotel Stays

Now that you’ve decided you want to visit this city the next step is to book the hotel. Riverside Bangkok offers some wonderful views of the city with great options such as AVANI+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel to make your base in the city. You can never go wrong by staying in the centre of it all!

Image via AVANI+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Royal Developments

It was during King Rama I’s reign that he commissioned two grand structures in Bangkok. Both the Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple which are astounding pieces of architecture contributed to making Bangkok shine and stand out, even in ancient Siam. In time, with modernisation, the city has continued to grow to become the buzzing metropolis it is to date.

Tourism Boom

Over the decades, despite the global and regional economic crises, Bangkok’s tourism industry has remained on the up and up! With plenty to see, do and eat, Bangkok remains to date, a must-see holiday destination for many, the world over!