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Bangkok’s Most Magical Place, the Unicorn Café

Straight out of a Fairy Tale!

Somewhere down the road through the bustling city of Bangkok, waiting behind four magical walls, there is a tiny wonderland full of fairy tale magic and blissful fantasy. Make a stop at Bangkok’s most magical place, the Unicorn Café located in the Bang Rak district. You are lucky because finding accommodation in Thailand is not much of a hassle. When you go through the top list of Sukhumvit hotels in Bangkok, you can easily find some good options like the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

If you ever wished to steal a moment from your childhood dreams, the Unicorn Café is one place that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Sparkling in color, with a touch of pink to almost everything, a ceiling painted of mystic unicorns, a carpet that looks like the rainbow drained out on it, and those little magical creatures popping out from everywhere, this place is nothing but enchanting.

Unique in its theme, the creators of the Unicorn Café would have faced the real challenge when it came to finding special food items that can be served on the star-shaped platters. Hats off to the team, they somehow managed to turn all their dishes into something ‘unicornish’. One look at the menu will confirm this. There’s a long list of sugary sweet desserts like rainbow cakes, unicorn waffles, and ice creams on top of the amazing galaxy frappes and cotton candy sodas. Even the savories had a unicorns’ horn shoved into them. To complete your wonderful experience, the place has several unicorn onesies that you can wear and pretend to be part of this magical world. At the end of the day don’t forget to lie down on your bed and let your mind wander into the fairy tale that you lived for a moment once again.

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