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Unveil the Allure: 5 Must-See Reasons to Visit Seoul in Your Lifetime!


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, erupts with a flurry of exotic historical attractions, thriving nightlife and state-of-the-art technology. Not only will a trip to Seoul be affordable, but it is also an experience you will not regret. Here are five reasons why visiting Seoul will give you your money’s worth.

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A Shopaholic’s Paradise

It is indisputable that splurging at Seoul’s shopping malls will be the highlight of your vacation. If you’re looking for an enjoyable stay, then you might want to consider exploring shopping malls instead of spending most of your time indoors at one of the luxury apartments in Seoul, Korea. Even if shopping isn’t your thing, walking through the aisles filled with various clothes, shoes, and accessories could still be a great way to spend your time and make the most of your time in the city.

Wide Selection of K-Beauty Products

Since Korean skincare has been trending in recent years, you might be tempted to check out some flagship stores when in Seoul. Raid the shelves stacked with a plethora of serums, cleansers and moisturizers, most of which will be offered at an affordable price. If you are staying at Somerset Palace Seoul, you could take a 3km ride to Myeongdong and explore the wide array of skincare outlets at your grasp!

Rich Culture

Visiting Seoul will allow you to immerse yourself deep into Korean culture, which is made easier by the festivals held at nearly every corner. Prepare to be drenched at the Waterbomb festival as Korean music blasts around you, or have a picnic under the weeping cherry blossom trees during the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival.

Seoul Forest

If you are a woodland adventurist, you will not want to miss out on visiting Seoul Forest! Feast your eyes on flourishing fauna, a variety of butterflies, insects and even deer.