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Bangkok Doll Museum

Showcasing rural life in Thailand

Having been the recipient of the 1st prize at the prestigious International Folklore Doll Competition held in Krakow, Poland in 1978, the Bangkok Doll Museum has certainly come a long way in depicting of what life was all about in Thailand. This famed tourist attraction is sure to thrill the whole family and can be easily visited from any of the hotels near Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. Thus from all the three star hotels in Bangkok, the Vic3 Bangkok would serve you well.

Home to over 400 Thai handmade dolls, the museum is one of great colour and excitement. Inaugurated in 1957 by famed doll maker, Khunying Thongkorn Chanthawimol, Bangkok’s Doll Museum includes thematic characteristics of the country’s rural lifestyle, traditional attire and also boasts of separate area that focuses largely on costumes worn in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Russia and Greece. One can also visit a series of dolls that represent characters of the Khon dance drama which brings to light the forces of good and evil. For as escapade never experienced before, choose the luxury of the Bangkok Doll Museum.

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