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Bangkok day trips – To avoid crowds

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If you’re looking to explore Bangkok’s hidden gems and escape the tourist crowds, there are several delightful day trips you can embark on. These lesser-known destinations offer a more tranquil and authentic experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are the best day trips in Bangkok to avoid crowds.

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Bang Krachao
Known as Bangkok’s “Green Lung,” Bang Krachao is a lush and peaceful oasis located just across the Chao Phraya River. Reachable by a short ferry ride from the city or you can take a taxi or drive from hotels in the area such as Maitria Mode Sukhumvit 15, this area is a haven for nature lovers and cyclists. Rent a bicycle and pedal through charming villages, dense mangrove forests, and serene temples. Visit the Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and enjoy a relaxing walk along the elevated walkways amidst the greenery.

Koh Kret
Escape to the tranquil island of Koh Kret, situated in the Chao Phraya River. This island is renowned for its traditional pottery villages, where you can watch skilled artisans craft beautiful ceramics. Explore the island’s quaint alleys, savour authentic Thai dishes at local eateries, and take in the serene ambience. A ferry from Nonthaburi Pier will transport you to this hidden gem.

Samut Prakan Province
A short distance from Bangkok lies the Samut Prakan Province, home to the unique Ancient City (Muang Boran). This open-air museum showcases replicas of Thailand’s most famous landmarks, providing a condensed tour of the country’s rich history and cultural heritage. Stroll through the expansive grounds to discover hidden temples, ancient ruins, and serene lakes.

Amphawa Floating Market
While Damnoen Saduak Floating Market draws large crowds, the Amphawa Floating Market offers a more authentic and less crowded experience. Situated about an hour from Bangkok, this market comes alive in the late afternoon. Enjoy a boat ride through the canal, savour delicious street food, and shop for local handicrafts. The evening ambience adds a magical touch to the experience. This is the best place for an evening stroll away from your 4 Star Hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market
Another charming floating market near Bangkok is Bang Nam Pheung, tucked away in the Bang Krachao area. This market offers a more laid-back atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a leisurely day out. Enjoy a boat ride along the canal, indulge in tasty local treats, and explore the market’s charming wooden houses