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Tuk-tuks in Bangkok

whizz through the streets of the Thai capital

Tuktuk on the streets

When in Bangkok, getting to your desired location while keeping to time ought to be placed on the highest pedestal. In this sense, hailing a tuk-tuk or ‘sam lor’ can be your perfect tonic.

tuk tuk | img by Jason D’ Great via flickr

Cost factor

The fare for an average trip in this motorised three-wheeler which is fondly called a ‘tuk tuk’ as a result of a spluttering sound that emanates from its engine tends to be influenced by several factors. These range from the time of day, distance, traffic and interestingly, the mood of the driver! Short trips begin around the 30 Baht mark but can rise significantly the deeper you venture into the city.

Bargaining is an absolute ‘must’

In order to enjoy a hassle-free journey through Bangkok, it is imperative that you bring your best bargaining skills. This is because the initial cost quoted will always be inflated and in the case of a tourist, this sum could be quite exorbitant. An attitude of compromise and reason works well and will soon have you well on your way towards your intended destination.

Tuk-tuks best serve shorter trips

Hailing a taxi or cab rivals shorter distance trips in a tuk-tuk. However, for one memorable, hair-raising encounter along the bustle of Bangkok’s streets and narrow lanes, none quite matches the thrill of being inside a tuk-tuk.

Say “No” to rush hour traffic

Rush hour in Bangkok hovers daily between 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm respectively and can throw a spanner in the works if you aren’t careful. Thus, where you find yourself residing at Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok which is a hotel Bangkok Sathorn offers and see a need to grab a tuk-tuk, then it would be prudent on your part to avoid these times as sitting in hours of traffic can be exasperating and exhausting.