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Bangkok Chinatown – The Bustling Neighbourhood of Bangkok

The Bustling Neighbourhood of Bangkok

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Next to properties such as Emporium Suites by Chatrium and landmarks such as the Grand Palace of Bangkok, lies a road called Yaowarat, the flourishing Chinatown of Bangkok. Characterized by Chinese neon signs, and flashy jewellery shops, Chinatown offers endless excitement for its visitors.


The origins of the Bangkok Chinatown date back to 1782. What was once a poor area that served as the home for the immigrant Chinese, it has slowly transformed into a trading hub of the city.

The Foodie’s Paradise

Daytime in Chinatown is a jumble of markets, whereas nighttime brings out the famous street food hubs that serve some of Bangkok’s most exquisite delicacies. Try out delicious delights such as pork and shrimp noodle batter, which has been served for over 50 years. Michelin star shrimp dumplings, chive rice dumplings, and mango sticky rice are some of the best food offered in the area.

Kieron Wood, Food stall, CC BY-SA 3.0

Daytime Expeditions

The tourists who are interested in the particulars of the history and cultural heritage of the Chinese immigrants can freely explore the nearby Buddhist temples and old businesses. A biking tour is an excellent option that can be combined with these expeditions. You can register for a biking tour in a 5 Star Bangkok hotel that might be in the neighbourhood.

Tips for a Better Day in Chinatown

Make sure that you wear comfortable footwear as you will have to walk around a lot to enjoy the intricates of the area. And also, if you’re hoping to bike, wear suitable clothing that won’t hinder the experience.