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Amphawa Floating Market

Of Food and Culture

When it comes to tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, there are few that can compete with the vibrant and exciting city of Bangkok. Serving as the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known for its fascinating fusion of oriental and western culture. The city is famous for its shopping districts, flourishing tourism industry, unique cultural attractions, and a thriving nightlife. For a tranquil stay you can consider staying at resorts in Bangkok, such as Le Méridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort & Spa which makes an ideal base from which to set out on your adventures.

The sprawling city of Bangkok is home to many floating markets, with the Amphawa Floating Market ranking amongst the best floating markets in the city. Second only to the Damnoen Saduak Market, the Amphawa Floating Market is a weekend market that offers visitors a chance to procure a range of goods and food items, including the market’s specialty; seafood. Attracting vendor, traders and customers from all walks of life in Bangkok, the market is also a great place to experience the traditions and culture of the city.

The Amphawa Floating Market operates each week from Friday to Sunday. Starting at about noon, the market is generally bustling with activity till the evening, until business is finally wrapped up at about 8.00pm. On these days, hundreds of boats arrive at the market and dock along the concrete banks. They are full of an assortment of food and drink, as well various tourist goods such as clothing and other fancy goods. The boats usually carry small tables, which they set on the concrete steps of the market and serve up the delicious food which is prepared on the boat itself. Seafood is the most popular food here, as one can try out mouth-watering dishes; freshly prepared prawns, lobsters, shellfish and squid are among the most sought after delicacies. The market also has many food stalls selling a variety of dishes and snacks. With its blend of people, good food and vibrant atmosphere, this floating market is a must visit attraction.

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