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Amphawa Floating Market in Bangkok

The Most Popular Market in Bangkok!

Amphawa floating market

While not as large as DamnoenSaduak, Amphawa Floating Market is the most authentic floating markets in Bangkok and is mainly visited by the local Thai crowd. It is situated about 50 km from Bangkok and was once a small village.

1. Seafood
One of the main reasons that Amphawa is famous is for its seafood. While seafood prices aren’t cheaper or more expensive than in other places, you can find plenty of fresh seafood which makes the floating market a popular place for ingredients if you are in the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok.

2. Shopping and Snacking
There’s also plenty of shopping and snacking to do if you are not a restauranteur. The wooden shops sell souvenirs, tee shirts and other curiosities and you can find plenty of street food including delicious ice cream sandwiches.

3. Cruising the Mae Khlong
If you are wondering why you should travel 50km away from your comfy hotel the likes of Maitria Rama 9 Hotel to Amphawa, consider the beautiful Mae Klong. It costs just 50 baht per person to hire a longboat and cruise down the canals on little tours.

4. Wat Bang Koong Temple
One of the historical sites you can visit is the Wat Bang Koong temple which is colourful and also home to a mini zoo of some very quirky and cheerful animals that children will fall in love with immediately.